Our Products

We treat every job, every project on their own and draw our experience to add value into the consultancy we provide to our clients.

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DRSB Solar

DRSB Solar is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, build and maintain successful solar power projects for commercial, industrial and institutional clients…

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Plant Interfacing Work (PIW)

Plant Interfacing Work (PIW) which involve supply, lay and terminate multi-core cables from Motorised Ring Main Unit (M-RMU), Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB), AC Distribution Board (ACDB), Earth Fault Indicators (EFIs)…

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Lightning Protection

Bowthorpe ERP (a division of Tyco Electronics) is an internationally recognized, ISO 9001 registered, both high and low voltage surge protection standards…

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Asset Verification, Tagging & Management

The scope of work of the project is follows:

For TNB Distribution sub-stations of 11kV & 33kV system…

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Power Measurement, Control And Protection Solutions

Dayarena Resources Sdn Bhd (DRSB) is the main distributor for Tyco Electronics products for Malaysia and Brunei. Tyco Electronics offers one of the largest product ranges of power measurement, control and… 

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Flame Detection & Fire Fighting Systems

DRSB is dedicated to benefiting society through leading-edge combustible gas, toxic gas, and flame detection monitoring products of the highest quality that protects life and property. Our associates are fire protection companies with vast experience…

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High Voltage Insulting Cable Accessories & Protection Systems

As the power industry continues to evolve, Connectors, High Voltage Insulation, Cable Accessories, Protection Systems & Fittings Business Units has also expanded…

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Power Distribution

DRSB are system integrators of power distribution systems. We work closely with suppliers like VEI Power, Sun Systems, EPE, UEA, EPE-Wilson.etc.

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Power Generation

Our products are versatile enough to meet almost any output requirements –engineered with reputable brands of engines for greater applications flexibility.

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Perimeter Security Electric Fence

DRSB’s perimeter security electric fence systems are designed, manufactured and drawn on extensive experience and utilizing proven technological advances. We provide perimeter security solutions that are effective, safe, and reliable…

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Military & Aero space Spare Parts

Since 2002 we have dedicate ourselves to serve the military and Commercial Aerospace markets with professionalism, striving to deliver outstanding service, with superior quality and the finest products available…

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EIZO’s high-end display monitors have long been the natural first choice in offices, large and small as well as specialized fields like finance, health care, publishing, graphics design, air traffic control workstation and many more…

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Local Products

From our facilities in Malaysia, and with our partners around the world, we also design and manufacture a complete range of products…

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Maintenance Services

Another one of our scope of services includes Mechanical & Electrical maintenance for buildings. This includes repair and service of generator sets, air-conditioning systems, access cards, CCTV systems, fire alarms and fire fighting systems, UPS…

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Testing & Calibration Services

We have complete and up to-date facilities and equipments to conduct calibrations and testing services specially for electrical substations…